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Release Date : 30 March 2022










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I learnt so much from this third episode. It was packed with information that was well detailed. I even laughed here and there whilst picking really cool skills. Everyone this episode was so vibrant and lively. Very enjoyable and lively indeed. Thank you so much!!
Chelsea_Rose at 2022-05-13

I really leant a lot in this Episode 3, and I smiled a lot while watching because it's full of interesting characters.
Bukunmi – Nigeria at 2022-05-11

Episode 3 is so detailed to the dot! Well done to the A24 team for putting this together. The information on these episodes is life changing. Here’s to raising the next generation of African storyteller.
Tatenda Kombora at 2022-05-08

This is very helpful. I have learnt a lot and practical experience in research, documentary and making the result good. I see the truthfulness and factuality is key in story telling.
Mubarik – Somalia at 2022-04-16

The lecture is very detailed and informative. Great stuff!!
Austin – Malawi at 2022-04-16

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