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What is Yebo?

Yebo is a VOD platform that delivers world class shows, documentaries, and features from across the African continent. Get The Best Experience about Africa Ever online with Yebo.

What can I watch on Yebo?

Enjoy exclusive Prime Originals as well as popular movies, short stories, TV shows and documentaries from across the continent.

Where can I watch Yebo?

Yebo is available online through the website www.yebo.live using any internet enabled device. You can also download the android app available on the google play store. Click here to download the app.

How do I register on Yebo?

Search for the register tab on the top left part of the screen and simply enter your name, email address and preferred strong password. If you cannot find the registering tab simply click onto the following link - Register

What are some of the Yebo android app features?

Ability to download videos offline to watch later for up to 30 days. User notifications on new content on the platform. You can download the app here 

How do I find the sign-up option on my phone?

Click on the top right tab on your screen, a drop down menu will show you the register tab, click it to proceed.

Is Yebo available on iOS ?

Currently Yebo is not on iOS.However we are working on it. Stay tuned!

How do I navigate the site?

You can search for stories by indicating the country or the specific name of the story,feature, show or documentary.

How are stories categorized on the site?

Stories on the site are categorized depending on the topics and format of the piece i.e short story or documentary.

How can I get a coupon ?

Engage with our content on social media or watch most of our content on the website.The more you watch the greater your chances of winning a coupon.

How can I join the watch parties?

Log on to facebook.Follow @yebo.live. You will see posters of when the Watch Party will happen happen and also ge a notification when we go live.This normally happens on Fridays  2:00 pm EAT.

How can I change the subtitle of a story/documentary ?

You will find the subtitle button at the bottom right corner of the player, right beside the volume control as the movie starts playing. If you hover on the bubble icon, the subtitles or different languages will appear instantly. Scroll down to see the subtitle languages. Select the subtitle you want.

How can I play/pause a video using my keyboard?

Press the Spacebar on your keyboard to play/pause the video.

Delete My account

To delete your account email support@a24media.com to have your account deleted.

Why am I unable to watch free content from the site?

To watch any free content on our website you first have to register and then login to the website.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime I want?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time you want. But remember once you cancel your subscription you will not be able to watch our content. You can however browse through the website.
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