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Newsletter - Step Into September

By Yebo, published on 31 Aug 2020

We are owning this coming month!.
Come to think of it, what are the interesting facts you know about this month?
Here are our top 3.
  • September is the month of apples and as you know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Stay healthy.
  • On the 13th of September is grandparent’s day. If you want to live longer eat the apples and respect your grandparents… and your grandkids will too.
  • It was originally the seventh month of the original Roman calendar. September is “septem” in latin which means seven. The original calendar consisted of 10 months and 304 days.
Yebo Watch Party
This month we start season two of the Yebo watch party. Hi- hip hurray…
It is bigger, better and more topical. We dive in on issues around agriculture and food security, renewable energy, women entrepreneurs, small business among other crucial topics in a bid to power African solutions to African challenges.
Our partner the African Development Foundation will give us insights into their work.
Join us every Friday 3:00PM-4:30PM E.A.T on our Facebook page @yebo.live

The Newsicroom Watch Party
We keep up with the good vibes on The Newsicroom watch party as we discuss the various issues affecting African music industry, as we will do in this piece. The Watch Party is on every Wednesday 11:00 AM E.A.T on @yebo.live Facebook page
For starters lets appreciate South Africa’s hit maker Master KG for having his single “Jerusalema” clock 100 million views on YouTube. He is the first South African to have his video get to 100 million views, literal evidence of Africa to the world.
Needless to say, we have top notch musicians in Africa. However we have gradually seen certain regions of the continent thrive more than others. I am speaking of countries such as South Africa and Nigeria. So, what are Nigerians doing that the rest of the continent needs to emulate?
Blooming talents- Please note I am not speaking of booming talents but blooming talents. Each year we see new artistes join the music industry from various African countries and that’s why in most awards we have Upcoming Artiste of The Year category. But how many of these African artistes do you remember two years down the line? Consistency!
The lack of consistency in pushing their identity makes most of these artistes easy to forget and their music fails to hit the market. In Nigeria however, artistes consistently release new music making them very noticeable in their fan’s eyes.
Take Fireboy for instance, the 24 year old has consistently released hit after hit and mark my words he is one to look out for.
Market investment – Clearly Nigeria has an upper hand when it comes to international investments in the music industry, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Africa have invested in the country by signing different artistes and giving them international exposure.
Marketing- I cannot count the number of times I have had a Nigerian song pop-up as an Ad on my YouTube, I mean it is crazy and annoying in equal measure, but I must admit it is a smart move to have digital promotion of music across the world. There is a lot the rest of us can learn from Nigerian musicians but I will leave it at that.

Every day we wake up to a different world, a world with new opportunities and new lessons. I think more than any other time 2020 has taught us all how unpredictable life is. As an entrepreneur, the biggest take away from this period has been the importance of building organizations with a strong base that can withstand storms.
Has it been hard? Yes of course.
How have we done it so far? Resilience
See, when you build a company that embodies the spirit of our continent, you cannot shy away from facing challenges, because as a continent resilience defines who we are. Resilience has been a buzzword my team and I have embraced. 
We have built resilience and keep building it by re-inventing ourselves constantly, we find ourselves thinking out of the box on new ways to deliver the great stories we see around Africa for you to enjoy. 
One thing is true, however, whether COVID was here or not, the entire universe is made up of pockets of uncertainty, so resilience is a skill that will come in handy even after the pandemic ends.
It is a skill I encourage you as an individual to build. It will help you face personal challenges next time or when the world comes to a halt like it has done this year.
As you might know now our Factual Video-On-Demand Platform Yebo.live is showcasing the best of the continent. We also started to stream watch parties taking advantage of vibrant digital platforms such as Facebook to engage with our audience across the world. We have had a good run not just by showcasing the rare content we have but by ensuring we bring the best brains on the continent to discuss matters that are important to our past, present, and future. If you have missed the watch parties follow our social media platforms to get notified when we have the next one. 
So as we continue finding ourselves in this new normal, I’d like to send my personal appreciation and that of our entire team to you the reader of our newsletters. You who have signed up to our site yebo.live and watch our stories. You who tunes in to our watch parties. 
Your feedback is valued and we promise better things are yet to come.
 Stay Safe
Founder & CEO Asif
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