By Yebo, published on 14 Aug 2020

August is here!
Finally, some COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed in some countries and life is very slowly starting to get back to normal. On the first of this month, countries around East Africa opened their airspaces allowing flights from a number of countries.

This means families are now able to reunite, but also people can finally, go on that urgent business trip or a short vacation. The hospitality industry has been the worst hit by the pandemic and as we emerge from this dark phase, we have put together a bucket list you might want to consider as you look for a place to go exhale when you and your loved ones can travel.
Travelers and explorers are always on the look for undiscovered gems and authentic experiences. I am that traveler. I mean, before I settle on a destination, I do thorough research, ask friends and travel agents so that I am fully prepared for a good time.
Africa for sure has its fair share of top destinations but the hidden gems give you a better adventure.
I used this ‘stay at home’ period to go on a digital expedition around African and put together my bucket list.
Here are some that I would like to visit.
Saiwa Swamp National Park, Kenya:
It is the smallest national park in East Africa at about 3km2. The park is home to exotic flowers, trees, and birds.
The most interesting bit is that the park is a habitat for the endangered Sitatunga (marshbuck), a swamp-dwelling antelope. Visiting the park, you will enjoy their staycation package or a camping experience like no other.
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania:
It is the oldest national park in Africa and one of the most famous protected areas in the world. Famous for its annual migration of animals has earned Serengeti a UNESCO World heritage site tag as well as being voted one of the seven natural wonders of Africa.
Activities at the park include memorable game drives, hot air balloon safaris among other thrills your adventurous soul will forever remember.
The Musanze Caves, Rwanda:
It is famous for the mountain gorillas and the endemic golden monkeys. These caves offer a peek into the geological history of the region that was a result of intense volcanic activity. The underground caves are easy to hike so get ready for some fun!
So, what is it that Africans want to see on their screens? The last two decades have seen a meteoric rise of Nollywood productions a strong indication that the continent is ready to consume more of its own stories. These productions have caught the continent like wildfire despite being low budget productions.
Our video on demand platform comes strong on adding some flavor to the already expanding pool of African content. That said we appreciate the need to tell factual stories about our continent to the world. The best of African, music, adventure, wildlife, women, and children.
This month for the first time, we bring you the best on agriculture and environment from around Africa. Agriculture is one of the biggest income earners on our continent while our environment as a continent brings rich diversity to our topography. These two genres of content are available on our site for free today click here

Morocco sand bath
Morocco’s sandy desert provides an opportunity for one to get their muscles relaxed and rejuvenated during the sand baths. Travel with our crew as they get to enjoy some therapeutic treat from sand bath gurus.
August comes bearing goodies for all who enjoy our content on yebo and everyone else curious on what we have to offer.
The first goody out of the goody bag is a spin-off of the fast-rising yebo watch party, over the last 4 months; we have screened over 15 documentaries on our Facebook page with vibrant panelists discussing African leadership, identity, and destiny each week. This August the Yebo team will be introducing the second watch party on music.
The Newsicroom Watch Party hosted by Ann Nyambura stems from the successful Newsicroom a live acoustic session recorded with a live audience in our newsroom. Be sure to tune in for the watch party each week we will be learning more about Africa’s music industry.
The second goody, the Yebo watch party will be available on a podcast this August; you will be able to access the discussions on our audio cast feature on the site.
The Third goody is the C.E.O’s Take, we will be letting you in every week on what our founder and C.E.O is working on and his take on the industry. Both on Text and Video.
…and of course more exciting products on our social media platforms. Make sure you keep tabs with us every day; we cover Africa just for you.
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