By Ann Nyambura, published on 30 Sep 2020

When it comes to the different foods and delicacies in Africa your taste buds can only go on a roller-coaster of flavours.

Being home to over 1.2 billion people and over 3000 tribes and cultures you can only image the variety of dishes served on the continent.

But before we think of all the delicious and common foods why don’t we dive into the world of weird or uncommon dishes served in Africa. I must admit that this is one of the    interesting researches I have worked on. If only you could only see my expressions to some of the findings, ooh Lord!

Let’s get to it.

1.Mopane Worm

Mopane is a largely edible CATAPILLAR! Yeah, you read that right, a caterpillar…

The spiky black and green worm is a popular snack in Zimbabwe, Botswana and parts of South Africa.

It full of proteins and calcium.

When well-cooked the delicacy tastes like chicken.

Mopane worm is mostly abundant during the rainy season.

2.Giant Bullfrog

For starters let’s get this right, this is not the normal frog you know. It is a giant bullfrog, a giant bullfrog my people!

Bullfrogs are sources of proteins.

Interestingly they are one of the world’s dangerous foods as its skin and organs contain harmful toxins.

 If is taken before it’s maturity it can result to kidney failure or even death due to the toxins.

Unlike the French who prefer eating the lower half of the frog, Namibians prefer eating the entire frog.

3.Raw meat/Tera Sega

This dish is commonly served in Ethiopia. Tera Sega is an ancient meal that was prepared by soldiers who feared cooking the meat would alter their enemies of their location hence opting to have it raw.

The meal consists of raw meat strips served with fiery spice blend.

It is often eaten alongside Ethiopian’s traditional bread injera.

You should look up the disadvantages of eating raw meat to understand my surprise to this finding.


Before you freaked out let me clarify, we are speaking of cattle blood. No human blood here!

The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania drink fresh, warm blood from their cattle.

The blood is usually taken mixed with milk. It is often given to the sick to nourish them and also drunk by the tribe during special celebrations.


The dark-coloured beetle is eaten as a crunchy mid-day snack mostly in Ivory coast, western Africa.

The little beetle is gutted, disembowelled and fried.

I think it is safe to conclude this research at this point. From frogs, caterpillars to raw meat I have learnt a lot to say the least. But you can learn more strange food in Africa HERE.




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