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About Us

Welcome to the future of storytelling.

Home of well-curated narratives of the modern Africa. We are about giving all our visitors, a chance to consume stories and learn by experiencing and celebrating our diversity through stories.


In the ever-changing world of broadcast media, disseminating information is constantly being challenged and redefined. Africa’s dynamic youth (the dominant population) are constantly looking for relevant, authentic and useful information in the expansive digital media space. This right here is Africa’s Biography, Discovery and History represented under one digital roof.


Journey with us today and get to share in our experience of a positive Africa that has massively been under represented.

Whether you are here for an hour, or only have three minutes before your next appointment, we have ensured there is something nice for you to bite.


We host a catalog of stories from all corners of our beautiful motherland. And proudly showcase factual narratives by various young

content creators who are hungry to tell their stories but are too often hidden from the mainstream media.

We are YEBO! YOUR main guide to “Know Africa, Be Africa”.

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